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Dry and Wet Paint

What is Art Therapy or Counselling with the Arts?

Art Therapy and Counselling with the Arts are very similar but the main difference being is the length of training.  Both are a form of psychotherapy that uses the art as its main mode of expression and communication. Art is used as a medium to address a number of emotional issues that cannot seem to be put into words, which can be confusing and distressing.  

Just as a painting or a piece of music can say something in ways that almost defy description, art therapy provides individuals facing physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges with new pathways toward understanding and self-expression.

You do not have to be artistic or even “good at art” to benefit from the power of art therapy.  Art therapy uses the power of the arts and different modes of communication to get people to open up and engage with their therapy in new ways, which may enhance healing of all kinds. 


I have been trained to be a Counsellor with the Arts and I understand the transformative power of art and its ability to guide individuals towards emotional healing. My sessions provide a safe and nurturing environment to express yourself through various mediums. I specialise in empowering individuals of all ages discover new ways to process emotional challenges and overcome obstacles, finding purpose and peace of mind.

For more information on my 1:1 sessions (1 hour) and Group sessions (1.5 hours)

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