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Counselling with the Arts

I am a recently qualified Counsellor with the Arts.  I have had almost 3 years experience working with all ages.  I have worked with people individually and within groups; in care homes, with refugees and their children, for charities etc. 


The Arts we use could include drawing/painting, clay, puppetry, sand-tray, music, drama and movement. Creative and therapeutic writing can also be included.  

I use a humanistic, person centred,  empathic and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach, using the Arts when and where appropriate. I also integrate some Somatic Therapy (,a%20split%20between%20the%20body

Our time together will be completely confidential, gentle and compassionate and if the arts feel comfortable to use to explore a feeling or difficult situation, I have a good supply of art materials to experiment and explore with.  

We can meet in my studio 1:1 or online.  

Group Therapy sessions are currently held in the local village hall (or online).


Please call me for more information or contact me

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